Saturday, July 30, 2016


Fifty years have gone by since our high school graduation.  And miraculously most of us are still alive and kicking.  We have all led busy lives.  Many of our guys did their stint in the millitary, many of us attended college, and most of us married (Some more than once).  We did a good job raising our kids and leading productive lives.  Wow, where did the time go?  And now we are enjoying and trying to survive the senior phase of our lives.  Enjoy our 50th class reunion photos.  We looked pretty good still!

Ruth and Dick Horton, Janet and Frank Masterson

Nancy and Janet

Rupert and Warren and their wives Teresa and Halys

Nancy B and Marge

Pat Haynes Brownell and her husband

Eugenia and Rodger Gregory


Marge and Connie

Warren Prentice

Carol Dunham, Ellen Lloyd and Glenn Sanford

Rodger and Pat

Rodger and Pat

Pat and Eugenia

Kenneth Decker

Gloria and Barb Lowe

Connie Hardy Austin and Angelo Franco

Thelma Cronk Bice, Wilma Button, and Pat Haynes Brownell

Bill Neuland

Helen Burski Shaul

Pat Burke Gifford

Gail Haywood Lebenick

Donna Boice Davenport

Rupert Davis

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