Sunday, July 31, 2016


2008 and our 52nd Class Reunion.  Our first reunion at Dick and Ruth Horton's lovely home in the country near the Deer Path Restaurant.  Thank you to the them for hosting our reunion.  The home atmosphere made for a very nice setting to relax and enjoy each other.

The porch greeting committee

Diane and Janet arrive

Angelo and his family arrive.  His daughter, granddaughter and son in law.

Our always helpful host Dick greets Ellen Lloyd
Gloria, Marge, and Helen

Nancy, Idabell, and Thelma

Our hostess, Ruth Horton

Lovely relaxed group

Carol and Harry arrive

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Our chefs, Dick and Glenn

Harry and Warren

Teresa and Warren Prentice
Angelo Franco

Donna and Ralph Davenport

Warren, Harry, and Pat
Janet and her daughter

Janet and Frank Masterson

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Lori Willis Smith, Harold's wife

Glenn--Retired and Loving It!
Carol Sanford

Angelo and Harold

Lori and Harold arrive

Janet and Angelo

A group cut out photo

Gloria, Thelma, and Marge

2008  and 52nd Class Reunion photo

The Horton's home just before a thunderstorm hit. 

I was down by the barn taking photos of their flowers and took shelter in the tractor shed when the rain hit suddenly.  And yes, I've gotten kidded about that more than once. 

The end of a perfect day and a perfectly good tent ripped loose by the wind.

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