Saturday, July 23, 2016



I wish to take this chance to show my appreciation for all the organizing, planning, and major attention to detail that made our 60th reunion come off so nicely.  The planning committee were Dick Horton, Glenn Sanford, Diane Spicer, and Gloria Cole.  I know their mates were very helpful too and a big thank you to all of you.

A special thank you for the inscribed glasses and floral displays on each table as well as the many details you kept up with.  I'm sure that doesn't even touch all that you did.

Every year, Dick and Ruth Horton have done a lion's share of planning our reunions including hosting at their home 4 years.  We are grateful for all you do.

Carol and Glenn Sanford travel from Michigan every year to be with us and help with the reunions.  Yearly, Glenn urges us all to attend.  His notes and phone calls are always a pleasure.  He has been a loyal friend to me and to so many classmates as well as their mates.  A delightful part of every reunion is when he takes charge as speaker with his updates on classmates with his unique sense of humor. 

Diane Ackerman Spicer and her Dave.  Another of our group with a great sense of humor.  One present they gave us this year was the champagne for the toast in the gold inscribed glasses.

Since the photo quality leaves abit to be desired, I'm leaving the nicer oneof Gloria on below.

 Thank you Gloria Button Cole for all you did to make our 60th Reunion so great. 

Our class flower.  The bouquet was a gift from Gloria.  I enjoyed my rose at home very much. 

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